Quotea is one of those names that most people can't work out how to pronouce. It's easiest to explain when you know what the two words are that make up this artist's name; 'Quote' and 'Tea'.

Bore da, I'm Hati and I love nothing more than to cwtch up on the sofa with a cuppa and quote old movie lines at my hubby.

If you're curious in disposition, you'll likely be interested to know that I'm a Somerset-born, Teacher and Illustrator who is the one-woman force behind Quotea Illustration.

I live in Newport, South Wales and I'm nothing if not obsessed with all things pastel, smol and cute. My illustration style is a mix or character art and zine illustration... even I don't know one word that could describe it yet!

This is me by the way!

As quotea, I draw whatever my heart desires and my main inspirations are Japanese and UK culture, food, mental health awareness, LGBTQ+ and things that happen to me in my daily life.

Most of this artwork gets shared on Instagram because it's where a huge number of the illustration community hang out. It's full of the most incredibly supportive and sweet people who build eachother up and share tips and tricks of the indie biz life.

At this point in time, I wouldn't even call myself a small business; I'd say I'm still a micro biz but I have dreams that one day I can do this full time.

Supporting me through buying from the site or through pledging on Patreon really helps me; I enables me to buy new products and materials!

Anyway, don't let me keep you! Shop away and we can chat later!

Love ya!

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